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Consulting & Setting Up an Industrial Kitchen

Sarv Sanat Co, by using its expert forces in setting up various food centers and in the field of industrial kitchen, gives the necessary advice to its customers, and will also help you, dear ones, in setting up the collection. We serve customers by importing and distributing all kinds of kitchen equipment. One of the activities that Sarv Sanat Co does in helping its customers; Design and review of industrial kitchen plan for different collections. After determining the industrial kitchen plan, Sarv Sanat Co will offer the equipment needed for the kitchens and will offer it to its customers in the form of a plan. This will help customers make their purchases based on the location of the kitchen equipment.

Home Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is one of the most important and main parts of houses that women deal with more than anyone, and it is generally where cooking and cooking work is done. In the past, the kitchen environment existed only in residential houses, in a very simple and basic state where people living there can meet their needs and refer there. But today, with the advancement of technology and human knowledge, not only all residential houses benefit from modern and up-to-date kitchens, but also all office environments and companies and even restaurants have advanced kitchen environments that are up-to-date and modern. They pay special attention to its existence. Sarv Sanat Co always tries to provide the best to the best by buying, importing and distributing the best Dina brands in the field of home kitchens.